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Due to fallout from a hacking incident, my book information is currently only available at my supplementary site: I apologize for the inconvenience.


A Scandal in Scandinavia releases on January 30th, but you can preorder from your favorite retailer today! And check out the cover reveal on the Happy Ever After USA Today blog!

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January 2018 Update

In the mess of the website hack, going home for the holidays, coming back to work after two weeks off, and working on the launch of A SCANDAL IN SCANDINAVIA, I put off acknowledging something: the website didn’t get fully fixed. While it’s thankfully no longer hacked, it’s missing some pieces. Like book info. This is not good when I have a new release coming out! I’ve requested help to get this back in order, but I will also be working on an alternate location for book information (UPDATE: new site). I apologize for this. I and alter ego firmly believe that an author’s website is *the* place readers should depend on for book information. When I have the alternate location up and running, I’ll add it to this post. I’m hoping that this site will be fixed before that can happen, though 🙂

In funner news, because funner is *totally* a word!, A SCANDAL IN SCANDINAVIA will be releasing on all digital platforms on Tuesday, January 30th. I got the proofs back from my proofreader today and have been working on building the final book files. I also got the cover! I’m looking to do an exclusive cover reveal with a large website, so once I hear yes or no on that, I’ll let all of you know! ASIS will be up for preorder hopefully early next week. The final book files are waiting on some sales link updates due to the closure of Pronoun and the relisting of ROGUE AFFAIR and THE BRIDESMAID AND THE HURRICANE to vendors. I’m really looking forward to sharing ASIS with the world, and be sure to sign up for my newsletter for some exclusive content on its release!!

December 2017 update

Well, the last 48 hours has been interesting. I sent out a newsletter on Monday announcing the release date (January 30th!) for my next title, A SCANDAL IN SCANDINAVIA. After work on Monday night, I was relaxing after checking something on the website on my phone so I could respond to something on Twitter. After writing the response, I went back to the page with the site up and noticed something *VERY* funky with it. I could still see the site, but the font was acid green when it’s normally black, and there was a bunch of weird stuff in the margins. I went to my desktop and discovered that the website had gotten hacked. I eventually hit up a friend who is a WordPress expert and had helped me with easy stuff in the past. She did great work Monday night and during the day on Tuesday, and we got it as far as we could. Unfortunately, my backups from before refused to restore, and the site remained hacked. The husband of one of my coworkers is also a tech expert and maintains my coworker’s WordPress-based site. I sent her all of the information I had from my friend as well as all of my site login and passwords. I was fully expecting to have him tell me that I would have to scrap the site and build a new one. As it’s the holidays, and I’ve been hemorrhaging money this fall like crazy for various reasons, I was remarkably at peace with this prospect. However, thanks to his sheer enjoyment of digging around, determined to find out what went wrong, he uncovered the problem and recovered my website! Both of my saviors have been rewarded and A SCANDAL IN SCANDINAVIA is going to be dedicated to them!

So that’s where I’m at in December: a new book and a no-longer-hacked website. I’ll put the book up for pre-order as soon as I get the final copy back from my proofreader because I’m paranoid like that, but until then, you can sign up for the newsletter, alerts from Amazon, or alerts from BookBub if you want to get notified of when it will be for sale.

Rogue Affair is live!

The ROGUE AFFAIR anthology is now live! You say you want resistance in your romance? Along with Kris Ripper, Stacey Agdern, Olivia Dade, Adriana Anders, Emma Barry, A.J. Cousins, Jane Lee Blair, and USA Today bestselling authors Tamsen Parker and Ainsley Booth, I’ve got a story for you! You can get ROGUE AFFAIR from your favorite retailer for only 99 cents this first week. It goes up to $2.99 next week, so get it now!

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October 2017 Update

Thank you to everyone who came out to see me and the other fabulous authors at the Baltimore Book Fest and the WRW Hearts to You Luncheon!! It was so much fun meeting so many new people and seeing old friends!

I have updated the website with the information for the Rogue Affair anthology and my contribution, “Dissent and Desire”! This will be out on November 8th and is currently up for preorder at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Kobo. I believe we have to wait until we have our final file ready before it can go up at Apple, but that will hopefully be happening in the next couple of weeks. It will for sure be up there on release day!

Speaking of Dissent and Desire, a scene from it is up for voting over at Scorching Book Reviews! The first round ends on 10/12 if you’re so inclined! Be sure to check out all of the other fabulous authors participating, including my first round opponent, Hudson Lin. A secret about this excerpt: it’s from the first version of the story! This scene is still in Dissent and Desire, but I completely rewrote the story this past weekend. Of the scene I did keep (the sexy times, mainly), I had to rewrite them from first to third person 🙂 I may send out the first version as a treat to newsletter subscribers one day, so be sure to sign up now!

Finally, I have two items up for auction as part of the Maryland Romance Writers annual fundraising auction. The first one is for writers and is a critique of the first 50 pages of your romance and a market assessment of it. The second is for readers and is a signed print copy of THE BRIDESMAID AND THE HURRICANE and a handknit-by-me shawlette. I finished the body of the shawlette yesterday and will be starting on the edging soon, so it will be ready to ship by the time the auction ends! Be sure to share all of the goodies in this auction with your friends!

September 2017 update

First, August was *fabulous*! My mom and I traveled to Scandinavia, and Finland, and Estonia, AND Iceland! You can see a selection of photos from the trip on my Instagram. This fall, I will attempt to do weekly Facebook Live videos on my author page, so be sure to follow me there. The first one went up today!

Second, I have two appearances scheduled this fall! The first is next weekend:

Third, I donated two lots to the Maryland Romance Writers annual fundraiser auction:

Finally, here’s my tentative publishing schedule through 2018:

  • “Dissent and Desire” novelette in the ROGUE AFFAIR anthology – releases November 9, 2017

These dates, except the one for the ROGUE AFFAIR, are loose, but I’m going to try my best to meet them. I’ll be updating my books page later this month with this info.

July 2017 Update

First, thank you *so* much for the support you’ve given The Bridesmaid and the Hurricane! I knew this was a book I could be proud of, but seeing people’s reactions was more than I ever expected! Some places that have reviewed Radhika and Colm’s story:

This fall I’m doing at least one, possibly two, appearances. The one confirmed is the Baltimore Book Festival! I’ll be on two panels this year:

I hope you’ll come out and see me along with all of the other authors attending this wonderful annual event! As soon as I confirm the other event, I’ll be sending out a newsletter, so sign up today!

June 2017 Update

I’m gearing up for the release of The Bridesmaid and the Hurricane next Tuesday! Librarian alter ego was at the American Library Association Annual Conference from late last week to early this week and found out that TBatH was being reviewed in Library Journal!! I was verklempt that it was going to be reviewed at all in that publication, but the fact it’s such a positive review makes it an unbelievable experience! Sorry for all of the exclamation marks, but I’m basically doing a happy pogo dance right now.

TBatH is now available for preorder as an ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo, along with the international retailers supplied by Tolino. I’m working on making print versions available. It will likely be first available through Amazon, and later through Ingram which distributes to many independent bookstores and Barnes & Noble. If you get your ebooks through your public library, and they use either the Overdrive or Bibliotheca/Cloud Library platforms, you can request they add it to their collection. Believe me, I would be most appreciative if you do that even if you buy your own copy!!

I will be doing a blog tour next week and part of the week after, and will update my release day post with the locations. I hope you’ll consider visiting them when they’re available! Thank you all so much for your support over the years. I can’t even begin to express how much it means to me!

May 2017 update

This month has simultaneously felt like one of the shortest months ever because of the “HOW AM I GOING TO DO ALL THE THINGS?!?!” feeling, as well as one of the longest because of all the things I was doing! If you’re not subscribed to my newsletter, you missed the news that I have a release date for THE BRIDESMAID AND THE HURRICANE! The release date is July 4th! A slightly early birthday present for me 😀 I had been waiting until I turned my revised file over to my copy editor to make the release date decision, and since then, I’ve gotten both the copy edits *and* proofread edits back from my contractors. Which means, all I need to do is read through it one more time before tossing it over to my formatter. Who happens to also be my cover designer. We were in the stock photo weeds today looking for a cover model for this book, and I think we found a winner. I’m hoping to have a final cover ready to announce when I get back from Book Expo (it’s actually alter ego who is going for work). And that announcement is going out to my newsletter subscribers first, so :hint,hint:! What all this activity means is that I’m hoping to have THE BRIDESMAID AND THE HURRICANE up for pre-orders in the next couple of weeks. As soon as that happens, I’ll add the links to the book’s page. I’m really excited to share Radhika and Colm’s story with you!

In other news, I’ve finished the first draft of a short story that is *not* set in the Capital Kisses world, but *is* set in the DC area. The aim is that it’s going to be in an anthology, but nothing is quite set in stone yet. Once I have more details, I’ll update here. It *will* be available some way later this year.

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