Kelly Maher

Holiday parties

It’s the holiday season! Today I’m attending the holiday party for my local RWA chapter. It will be my first time with them, but I do love holiday parties because it’s a time for people in an organization, in an office, or in a family (whether it’s by blood or choice) to come together and celebrate both the triumphs and tragedies of another year together. I’ll admit my view is probably colored by the overall happy family in which I grew up. Not to say there weren’t blow ups aplenty, but those were eventually brushed aside as being unimportant. Though, that one year when my four siblings and I were all sick with the stomach flu the New Year’s Eve where my parents were hosting all of their friends was quite memorable.

What’s one of your most memorable moments from a holiday party past? Or do you have a favorite recipe for when you attend holiday parties, food or drink?

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