Kelly Maher

Prepping for Christmas vacation

I’m heading home to Chicago this weekend for a week-plus with the family. I’m looking forward to it as I missed Christmas with them last year for the first time ever. This year I missed Thanksgiving. Since I now live half a continent away, I’m trying to balance which holidays I go home for, but it’s a hard decision as Thanksgiving is really big for my dad, and I’m an aunt to four little ones who have the wonder of Christmas lighting their eyes.

Packing is going to be hard as Chicago weather can be variable. It doesn’t help that I live in DC now which is having a very mild winter so far. As I’m flying, packing my heavy duty winter wear is a pain. I at least don’t have to pack many Christmas presents as I did most of my shopping online đŸ™‚

If you’re traveling for the holidays, how do you handle the packing issue?

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