Kelly Maher


…is a lovely, lovely thing. I’ve spent this last week enjoying the holidays and hanging out with my family. I’m slowly catching up on reading and hopefully shedding the reading funk I’ve been in. Patricia Briggs’ Alpha & Omega books are great so far. I’ve read the prequel short story “Alpha and Omega” (A|B|K) and the first book, “Cry Wolf” (A|B|K). Honestly, I’ve had little urge to spend my time online. And I spend a lot of time online normally! I think this vacation is as much from online life as it is from every day life. I’m looking forward to the new year and being refreshed.

As my alter ego, I’m working on an article for a major publication in my day profession and that’s claiming my writing time for the first two weeks of the year. Come January 15th, I’ll be back to rewriting the book I’ve been working on. I had planned on being finished with it by now, but the article took over my schedule. After I finish the rewrite, I’m writing the first draft of a short story I’m really excited about. It’s got a hero who is a former pro-rugby player 😀 Oh, the hardship of watching rugby games for research!

What do you read when you’re on vacation?

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