Kelly Maher

Breakfast with friends

This morning I got up early despite it being Sunday so I could meet up with my best friend from college and her little girl before I head back to DC. We met at an Original Pancake House. If you don’t have an Original Pancake House near you, I feel sorry for you. They’ve got some of the best breakfasts ever. They’re mostly individually branded franchises, but I’ve yet to be disappointed when I’ve been to one. And I’ve been to a few across the country. When I have the time, like I did today, I usually get a Dutch Baby pancake. This is a baked pancake, so it takes a little longer than normal to make.

When I was a kid, we got a cookbook with a recipe for Dutch Baby pancakes. I loved making them, but they never quite turned out as well as the ones I get at Original Pancake House. Mine are never quite as fluffy and poofy. I choose to blame the pans I’ve used since every other pancake I make turns out yummy. What’s your favorite food to order when eating out because it’s always better than what you can make?

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