Kelly Maher

Project management

Project management has always been a challenge for me. I’ve definitely done better with some projects, but the majority, not so much. The projects I’ve done best with are ones with an external deadline. On my plate for the next year, fiction-wise, are the following:

  • Finish rewriting Novel A
  • Revise rewrite of Novel A (I already have some ideas for this)
  • Write first draft of Short Story/Novella B
  • Write first draft of Novel C

I actually am trying to have the first draft of Novel C written by the beginning of September, so that will require some juggling. I had originally planned on having the rewrite of Novel A completed by now and be working on SS/Novella B. Unfortunately a couple of writing and instruction projects for my day profession came up and sucked up my fiction writing time and attention. Project 1 is almost complete and will be so by the end of this week. Thankfully, Project 2 is on the same topic as Project 1, so all I need to do is spend a few hours on Sunday putting together presentation slides, and I’ll be 95% done with that. This time next week, I should be back on track with Novel A. I’m halfway through the rewrite and have to write a completely new chapter. Putting nose to the grindstone, I think I may actually be able to finish the rewrite by the end of February, work on SS/Novella B in March, and then revise Novel A in April to be done by the RT convention. It will be so good to have completed works to talk about!

What projects are you working on, crafts, writing, home renovations, etc.? How do you handle the management of those projects?

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