Kelly Maher

Winter weather

Here in DC today there’s a possibility for a snow storm. As I write this, I’m watching the Wednesday night news, and our weather guy is saying no more than a dusting. I have a feeling he’s going to be right, but the weather’s been fickle the year I’ve lived here. I admit I’m hoping for enough snow to trigger an early dismissal from the day job. That and we need the precipitation. If we do get released early, I’m coming home and having a mug of hot chocolate while I settle in and read for a few hours. However, if we do get released early, that probably means the roads will be just nasty enough it will be faster for me to walk the mile home from work than wait for the bus, so I’ll need hot chocolate if that happens!

When the weather’s nasty, what do you do to make yourself comfy and warm?

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