Kelly Maher

City or country?

I was emailing with a relative of a friend of mine who is looking to move to DC. As I was writing, it struck me once more how much I enjoy living in a city. I’m making tentative plans to move later this year, but based on budget and availability, it likely won’t be too far from where I’m currently living. I would like to move closer to the local Metro station so I can just hop on and off when I want to go to one of the nightlife hot spots in the city. I would mind living *in* a hot spot, but my budget is not that generous at the moment. Before moving to DC, I lived in Iowa. While I did live in one of the cities of Iowa, it was not DC, and it really was not Chicago which is where I grew up. I can guarantee I had bigger culture shock moving to Iowa from Chicago than I did from Iowa to DC. Moving to DC in many ways was like moving home. Except my family was a 2 1/2 hour airplane ride rather than 2 1/2 hour drive away. I do appreciate what living in Iowa taught me. Namely: I’m a city girl. I like the amenities that living in a city provides. What I also like about living in DC? It doesn’t take me long to drive out to the country when I want to 😀 If you had to choose, where would you live? City or country?

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