Kelly Maher

Grinding it out

I lurked on a writing-oriented chat last night. One of the guests said something that struck a chord in me. She said that to be successful, you need to keep writing. “You may write in seasons, but keep writing.” I had never really before thought about how I write “seasonally”. I can write for a long period of time, but then I need a break. This is something I want to change as I want to be more regular in my releases and my current writing schedule is not conducive to that goal. I’m once again working to get myself back into the habit of regular writing. I know from past experience that I can write 500 words a day, usually more. What I’d forgotten is how much like pulling teeth getting those words onto the page can be when I’m in the early stages of regularly writing :S When you’ve fallen out of the habit of doing something you want to do, what techniques do you use to get yourself back into the habit?

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