Kelly Maher

Reading catch up

As a treat to myself for finishing the rough draft of the chapter that had been bedeviling me, I treated myself to a couple of books. I’m still waiting for one to get here as I bought it with a gift card, but I picked up the other in the store and have already started reading it. The one I’m reading right now is Jo Goodman’s The Last Renegade (A|B|K|ARE). There’s one reoccurring trope in Goodman’s books that I have an issue with, but I’ve really enjoyed every single one of her books that I’ve read. I’ve accepted that if I want to read a book by Goodman then I just have to accept that this one issue will be somewhere in the storyline.

The other book I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on is Kate Locke’s The Queen Is Dead (A|B|K). It’s the sequel to last year’s God Save the Queen (A|B|K). I really like the spunkiness of Xandy, the lead character and am interested in seeing how she’s doing with the fallout of the revelations made in God Save the Queen.

What are you excited about reading these days?

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