Kelly Maher

Looking over the shoulder

Who of you remember the movie Animal House? Remember that scene when Bluto (John Belushi) is sneaking into the dean’s office with D-Day and Flounder? How he crouches a little, jumps around a little, and looks around to make sure no one’s watching? That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now. Alter ego came out as, well, not exactly me since this name is still not revealed publicly as also belonging to alter ego. But she fairly broadly came out as writing erotic fiction. It’s weird to write of myself in the third person, but that’s what you have to do when you have an alter ego. When I looked at the stats for alter ego’s main blog, I found that someone was already trying to search out this identity as they found the other blog through a search of “alter ego pseudonym”. I’ve told a few people in private communications that I am me and me is she (name that movie!), so if you’re in the know and are reading this, welcome! I really hope I never get this confusing again in a blog post. If you’ve read to the end and have kept this all straight, you are a better person than I 😀 Question for the day is: not that I want to know your secret, but what lengths have you gone to in order to keep the secret?

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