Kelly Maher

Back in the swing

Last night I dove back into rewrites of the WIP. I had intended to start on them earlier, but I needed a bit more of a mental break from other recently finished projects than I had expected. I managed to write the first draft of the floating chapter a couple of weeks ago, so I cleared that off my plate. I’m a little amazed at how big a block it was for me. Right after I finished the chapter, day alter ego had to prepare for a big class she was teaching, so that sucked up all of the mental energy. After I wrote yesterday’s post, I sat down and figured out a schedule for the rewriting the rest of the WIP. I’m basing it off of pages, with the “pages” actually being two pages to one as I had printed it out to look like a manuscript. My original thought was to have it done by Tax Day here in the US. Easy for me to say as I’ve already sent my tax paperwork off to my accountant. Then I thought, why not go for broke and shoot for having it done by April 1st. This would have put my schedule at 6 pages per day, with no days off. Easy peasy. That was the pace I was working on before taking this unexpected extended break. Then I looked at everything I have scheduled at the end of March. Yeah, that wasn’t going to work. I redid my calculations by upping my pages to 8 a day, and lo and behold, if I can stick to that schedule (and I will!), I’ll have the rewrite done in one month! Yay! So, novel A rewrite should be done by March 20th. I’m marking it here (along with on my noteboard above my computer) so I’m accountable 🙂

What are your favorite lures to get yourself to do things you’ve procrastinated about doing?

PS: No entries for the Valentine’s Day giveaway, so I’ll hold onto the book for another time!

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