Kelly Maher

Powering through

The other day, I did the math and pleasantly surprised myself with the realization I could easily finish the rewrite this week. Well ahead of schedule. I should have remembered right then there’s a reason why I tested into remedial math in college. However, I redid the math today, correctly this time, and if I ignore pretty much everything else this week, I can still finish by Sunday afternoon. This is good news as my brother gets into town Sunday evening. Between my brother visiting (well, he’s really here for business reasons) during the first week and a half of the month and conferences and events in the latter half of the month, writing time will be at a premium. I want to let this draft sit and stew before I dive back in for revisions, so this is perfect timing. Now I just hope I don’t kill any muscles or joints during this marathon! How did you do with your Oscar predictions? Pretty much everyone in the major categories who I thought or hoped would win won, so I’m a pretty happy camper 😀

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