Kelly Maher

Rewrite in the bag!

My brain is cramping a little bit as I write this. I just finished the rewrite of novel A which I originally was not expecting to finish until the end of this month. I’m very pleased with the result, at least the last half or so of the novel that I’ve been working on this last week, especially the last quarter of it. This is because the intensive time I spent with it allowed me to more easily recognize subtler edits. Things like word choice, phrasing, misspellings that wouldn’t get caught by spell check because they were real words just not the right one. If it weren’t for the fact I know I need a break, I’d start right back over so I spill the mojo over into the first half of the book. I think my plan for this is going to be a little broken. I’m definitely going to take a break from this novel of at least a couple of weeks if not a month. In that time I will write a short story to submit for an anthology. I may rewrite the completely brand new chapter that I did during this rewrite. There are errors in it that came to light when I was rewriting a later scene. This is fine because I have something to rewrite! Whether I do that chapter this month or not, it will get rewritten first to correct those errors and to weave in material excised from that later scene. After that, I’m going to patch together all of the chapter files into one big novel file. Then, I’m going to give myself two weeks to revise. After that, off to my beta readers!

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