Kelly Maher

Next project

I’m mulling over what to write as my next project. At this point, all I know is it will be a short story of erotic romance. I’m going to submit it to an anthology a friend of mine is editing. If I can come up with the right idea, I can write the first draft in two days. One if it’s a weekend day. The problem is I’m not feeling any scenarios that match what constraints there are. I try to have a narrow focus for short stories, and the ideas currently floating around in my head are all novel- or novella-length. Plus, the only erotic one is full on erotica, not erotic romance. When I get to points like this, I’m tempted to pull out a world map and throw darts at it so I can at least get a place setting. Come to think of it, I was getting ready to do the same when I was job hunting a couple of years ago 😀 This particular anthology is an annual collection and it receives a lot of submissions every year. The story I submit has to be a stand out. Maybe, if we get a snow day out of this storm they’re predicting for the area, I can spend the day brainstorming if inspiration hasn’t struck me already. If inspiration has struck, then I’ll be writing!

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