Kelly Maher

Dud of a snow day

I’m a bit bummed we barely got any snow where I live. We did get some, but it came in the morning and most of it had melted away by the end of the storm. This doesn’t surprise me as it is March and we’ve been running at just above freezing for the last couple of weeks. And to give the weather guys and gals credit, their predictions for the area to the west of DC was pretty much on target. In the future, I’ll stand by the premise that unless the European model places the bull’s eye directly on top of DC, not just the metro region, but the city of DC itself, any storms are not likely worthy of being especially fussed over. We did get a snow day and I did spend some time brainstorming a story for the anthology submission. I’m not especially caught by the idea, but it’s something from which to start. I’ll probably play around with it this weekend to figure out if it’s worthy or if I should scrap it for the time being. I think I need to investigate brainstorming card games.

Speaking of games, I’m looking for ones to play with my siblings when I’m home next. What are your favorite ones to share with your family? Competitive and off-color are fine in my family 🙂

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