Kelly Maher

Rolling with the flow

One of the aspects about writing when you also have a full-time job is knowing how to budget your time. Because I had family in during the first part of this week, I decided to focus on a total word count for the week rather than writing for a certain amount of time or achieving a word count goal every day. Other times, I enjoy the daily word count as I see steadier progress and that reinforces specific writing habits. As certain things at the day job are making life interesting, and I’m working additional hours to get that work done, I’m appreciating the flexibility I built into my writing schedule as yesterday basically went off the rails the moment my alarm went off in the morning. Part of being a self-employed professional is knowing yourself well enough to account for what could be a deficiency, but still get the job done.

As today is Pi(e) Day, how are you celebrating? I need to pick up some apple pie from the store on my way home.

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