Kelly Maher

The importance of review

I’ve talked before about revision, but I also think it’s a topic that is always important and relevant. This weekend I finished a short story I plan on submitting at the end of the month. As I was closing in on the last 700 or so words, I tagged my friend Christine d’Abo on Twitter to see if she had time to look it over. Part of this is because we’ve worked together on other projects, part because she’s had pieces accepted by this editor, and part because she had just posted so I knew she was around. Thankfully, she quickly said “send it!” After I finished the story, I let it sit a few hours. I think time spent away from a manuscript can be as important as time spent working on it. When I’d finished my chores for the day and other projects, I sat down with the printed story and read it out loud to myself. I was able to catch a number of edits–typographical, continuity-wise, and developmental. I then entered those edits into the manuscript and sent it off to Christine. I swear she must be the Energizer Bunny as she had her comments and edits back to me first thing this morning. And they are so helpful! My mom taught me many things as I was growing up, but one of the most important ones to me was the appreciation of a great set of edits. So, thank you, Christine!!

What’s one thing you learned as a kid which has stuck with you through the years?

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