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Wednesday nights for me are knit nights with a group of friends. About half the time, it ends up being just one friend and me. Then it turns into writing/publishing/chapter discussion-as-we-knit night. My friend and I don’t write in the same subgenres, so it’s kind of freeing to bounce ideas off of each other to get an outside perspective. The other thing is that we are not really critique partners, either. I don’t have a regular critique partner, but having the sounding board dynamic is necessary for me to regularly think about the stories in my queue. Like tonight’s discussion. It helped me to prepare for a decision I may need to make in the near future about a particular story. There are some steps that I, and the manuscript, need to go through before I reach that decision point, but I’m fully prepared to make the less happy choice if it’s the right one for the manuscript and my career. I’m really lucky to have found a friend in whom I have both a writing *and* knitting buddy, and that we can meet on a regular basis 😀

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