Kelly Maher


Timing is everything when it comes to publishing. You can publish too early. Both in terms of before the manuscript is ready for the market and before the market is ready for the manuscript. When you publish too late, it’s usually when the market for the manuscript has crested. This weekend I attended two days of workshops by Bob Mayer with my local writing chapter, Washington Romance Writers. Through both workshop material and discussions I had with chapter mates, I’m feeling like novel A needs even more gestation time than I had originally thought. Even more importantly, I really internalized that’s okay. Not everything you write needs to get published. My first completed novel is under my bed and staying there. Novel A has a lot of promise to it, but my gut is telling me it’s not fully cooked. That feeling may be cured when I do the next round of revision to it, it may not. I’ve got beta readers lined up to read it after I do the next revision. What I’m hoping my beta readers will do is point out problems for me to solve. Maybe then it will have cooked enough. Maybe not. I’ll find out when I get there, but along the way, I will have learned a lot of lessons from the writing and revision process. Until then, I’m working on submitting short story B and start the planning process for novel C (which is starting to look like it may be a trilogy).

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