Kelly Maher

Fun with research

I was originally going to say “the problem with writing fantasy is you can’t travel somewhere cool and write it off on your taxes as research.” Which is kind of not true. Urban fantasy is perfect for mixing real world locations (travel!) with otherworldly beings (writing!). Novel C is taking on a distinctly urban fantasy flavor, however, I don’t really have a feel for its real world setting. This is mainly because the world of the novel as I currently conceive it, is primarily set in an otherworld with periodic forays into the real world. Researching, via travel, novel C is likely not in the cards. I was greatly disappointed by this. However! I then remembered my erotic fiction these days is tending toward contemporary settings. Short story B which I submitted last night, is set in St. Thomas. If only I’d thought of the story and the need to research it months ago so I could have made the trip. I definitely need to plan my stories out ahead of time so I can make related travel plans 😀

If you could travel anywhere in the next six months (so, within your budgetary means), where would you go?

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