Kelly Maher


Yesterday I achieved a milestone of twenty-first century adulthood: I paid off my student loan! I can honestly say I’m not where I imagined myself to be ten years ago when I started paying it off for the second time (I took a break between undergrad and grad school). There are definitely some things I wish were a bit different, but at the same time I greatly enjoy my life as it is now and don’t want it significantly changed.

Last night I also started the revision of novel A. I had intended to go through it as I normally write: with my headphones on and music blaring. After a paragraph or two, I realized it wasn’t working. I took the headphones off and shut down the music. I began reading aloud. Perfection. It took me a little over an hour to plow through two chapters. Future chapters will probably not progress as smoothly as these, not that these went all *that* smoothly. At least I’ve got a bead on the time this will take and can adjust my schedule accordingly. Even with a couple of changes, I should easily make my goal of finishing this revision in a little over two weeks.

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