Kelly Maher

Book signings

As a reader, I’ve attended a lot of book signings over the years. From a logistical standpoint, I’ve seen what works really well, and what spectacularly fails. As an author, I’ve only done a couple of book signings, and one of them I didn’t get to fully participate in because the box with my books mysteriously disappeared between the hotel’s loading dock and the hall where the signing occurred. When I found that out, I went to my spot and flipped my name sign around to “sold out” and stayed to talk with readers. It’s all about attitude. My question for you today is: when you’re at an author event, what do you like to hear from the author? What is it you like to know? If there is more than one author at the event, are there particular questions you want every author to answer? I’m trying to prep for my stint as moderator at the Westminster (MD) Library on Sunday, April 21st so any and all input is appreciated!

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