Kelly Maher

RT 2013

As I will be attending RT all stealth-like as alter ego, I will not be officially attending as a published author. However! I will be announcing seek and find giveaways during the conference through Twitter with the #RT13 tag. Basically, you’ll need to find me when I announce a giveaway, and you’ll get a copy of either Duty & Desire or Lust at First Bite. To make it easier to identify me, I’ll be wearing a flower in my hair.

Pink flower hairpiece

If you’re visually impaired and so won’t be able to see a flower in someone’s hair, find a librarian attendee and ask if she knows Kelly Maher 🙂 I will be announcing my location in my tweets to make it easier on everyone. It will be one book per giveaway and the first person to find me in the giveaway period gets it. I’ll also be wandering around the book signing, so if you buy Duty & Desire then from Kristina Wright who is attending, I’ll be happy to sign your copy. Tweet me, @kmmaher, if you need me to find you!

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