Kelly Maher

Travel day!

Fingers crossed that I will have landed in Kansas City by the time this post goes up. I truly do love traveling, but that’s probably because I don’t do it that often. I’ll also probably be looking to faceplant into a bed as soon as I get to the hotel. I will have had two days in a row of getting up at 4:15 am to travel out of town. Yesterday I was up in NYC for the day. Alter ego tried out for Jeopardy and made the potential call pool! Yummy food was also enjoyed with the company of Laura Anne Gilman. I love having friends who can meet me for lunch like that 😀 I slept on the train ride up, and watched shows on Netflix, as well as typing up this post, on the way home. I dearly love road trips, but I also enjoy the relaxation of letting someone else do the driving. What’s your favorite way to travel?

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