Kelly Maher

May ramblings

On the way home from RT, I got a nifty little idea for a novella. I’m going to spend what time I have this week, which is sadly little, plotting it out so I can get started writing it this weekend after the WRW meeting on Saturday. Usually, my process does not include extensive plotting beforehand, but I am finding I work most efficiently when I balance the plotter and pantser methods of writing. What I definitely am not going to do is try to write this whole novella by the end of this month as I’ve already got June 1st as my designated start date for starting Novel C. Now that I’ve got more projects on the plate, I’m going to need to come up with a more distinctive code name system. I’m almost tempted to go with fruit, but, for some reason, bones are also appealing to me. I wonder how long would it take me to run through all 206. If you had to come up with a code name system, what theme would you use?

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