Kelly Maher

Early influences

Last night on PBS, I watched the American Masters episode featuring Mel Brooks. When Carl Reiner came on for the first time, I may have genuflected. The two of them, outside my family, were probably the greatest influences on my sense of humor. This is to say, I’m warped. More warped than wood laminate left out in a torrential rainstorm. The end of the show left me once again wishing I might have the opportunity to meet them. Who knows? They’re still alive. I’m still alive.

When it comes to writing, I’m having a hard time pinning down my influences. I can tell you who I love to read. I’m not so sure I could say they directly influence my writing in terms of style, though. I love the way Nora Roberts portrays her grounded, yet flawed characters and makes you root for them to live happily ever after. I love the sexy intensity of Stephanie Laurens’ heroes. Jayne Ann Krentz in her many incarnations encourages me strive to create strong, intelligent heroines. So, bits and pieces, here and there, yes, they have influence me. But I’d never take one of my titles and hand it to a reader who loves any of them and say “Since you love Nora/Stephanie/JayneAnneAmandaJayne, you’ll love this title of mine!” I’ll have to give this some more thought 🙂

Who are your early influences?

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