Kelly Maher

Mainlining new loves

Yesterday, I bought two more pairs of shoes online. People who know alter ego will laugh at this as alter ego is well-known for her love affair with shoes. The notable issue with this purchase is that it makes the fourth and fifth pair of shoes bought from a particular line of a particular brand in less than two weeks’ time. I don’t think I’ve ever mainlined shoes like this before, but this particular brand line is amazing for how well they fit out of the box (I have very large and wide feet) and the fact that the pairs I’ve already bought do not appear to inflame the plantar fasciitis I’ve been dealing with for the last year. I also fell down because the brand offered up a 25% off sandals sale.

I’ve mainlined authors before. The first romance author I remember having this reaction to was Amanda Quick when I was in high school. When I first came across JD Robb, I wanted to mainline her books, too, but at the time Naked in Death was the only book out (yes, I’ve been reading her that long), and I didn’t know JD Robb was Nora Roberts–who I was already reading. I’ve been hearing from a lot of friends lately that they’ve been mainlining Kristen Ashley. I’m a little afraid to try her only because of my work & writing schedule, and the fact that I’m just now diving back into my TBR mountain. Which authors have you mainlined in the past, or are in the middle of?

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