Kelly Maher

Hockey time!

I’m keeping up with my writing pace on Project Ulna. Last night was not easy as it was game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. I grew up in Chicago and am a Hawks fan. I had gotten almost 400 words written on PU earlier in the day, but had to write the last 600 while the third period was on. I’d been out at knit night earlier, so that made things easier 😀 I was so happy the Hawks took it to overtime as they’d been down by one when I turned them on and had another goal scored on them. before they brought it back. Let me tell you, trying to write while paying attention to a fast-moving game is not easy! However, I was able to get all of my words and another fifty or so written before throwing in the towel. The Hawks still hadn’t taken care of business by the time I finished, sadly. Then they had to go and take it to triple overtime! Don’t they know I have work in the morning?!? I tried to stay up to watch, but I fell asleep right before they scored. They won, though! Do you watch hockey? Who are you rooting for?

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