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Project Fibula

You may have noticed that a new project suddenly showed up under the “Works in Progress” sidebar as being fully written. This was not a project I had planned on writing, nor did I plan on writing it as quickly as I did. Kristina Wright put out a call last week for additional submissions for her BDSM fairy tale anthology. I had briefly thought about submitting something back in the spring, but due to my schedule, chose instead to only write a submission for another anthology of hers. When Kristina extended the deadline a tiny bit, I did some brainstorming and came up with a potential story outline. After confirming with Kristina that she didn’t already have a story based on the fairy tale I wanted to use, I penciled attempting a draft of the story I envisioned in to my weekend schedule. I figured that if I couldn’t get the first draft done over the weekend, I’d let the story sit for some other future project. Saturday rolled around, and I got up bright and early–for me. I like my weekends for sleeping in 😀 I had a packed day if I was going to accomplish everything I wanted to do. This included 1000 words on Project Ulna and 1500 to 2000 words on Project Fibula. I was done with the PU words before noon and did a few of my other chores.

Around 1 pm, I sat down for the first session of writing PF. I had a placer first line already in the file and didn’t like it. Since this was for a fairy tale anthology, I rewrote the line as “Once upon a time, there were two naughty bloggers.” About forty minutes later I woke from a fugue state and had a little over 1000 words written. Suffice it to say, with giving myself mental breaks, time to do the other things in my to-do list, and permission to stay up until 3 am at the latest, I had a complete first draft in hand. I had the voice I wanted for the story nailed down and I did not want to lose the momentum I had going. I also hadn’t planned on PF being a full 4000 words, but that’s what the story called for.

Between PU and PF, I wrote 5000 words on Saturday. I’m pretty sure that’s been my most productive writing day ever. I also don’t think I’ll be doing it again any time soon. One of my goals for my immediate writing career is to be more productive. Burning myself out runs counter to that goal. Thankfully, I managed my daily words for PU both on Sunday and yesterday, so no apparent ill effects from the marathon on Saturday. I have high hopes Kristina will like PF and accept it, but even if she doesn’t I’ll find a way to get it out there for you to enjoy as this was definitely one of the more fun stories for me to write!

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