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Project Ulna progress

Last night, when I knew I had probably hit my daily words, I checked the total word count for Project Ulna. I was at 24,900. That meant I had gone past my goal by about 100 words, but more importantly, I was so close to a mental milestone. I whipped out a few more words and stopped for the night at 25,006. I have spent every day since I last posted with my family. I cannot tell you how proud I am of myself for not stinting on the quality time with my parents, siblings, sisters-in-law, and niece and nephews, and still managing to hit my daily goal every single day. I went to bed very late a few nights, but I did it.

As for how the story is progressing, it’s interesting. I’m still writing by the seat of my pants for the most part, though I do have an end goal in mind. I also have a general idea of the story arc. This novel is partially an experiment to see if I really can write 1000 words a day minimum and not burn myself out. If I can accomplish this first draft in the time period scheduled, I will have a better idea as to my productivity levels and can put into play some business plans which have been germinating in my head.

The big question for me at the end of August–when I’m planning to be done writing PU–is what the edit process is going to be like. Novel A was a whole different beast in that I spent just under a year writing the first draft, but then spent two and a half years editing it on and off. I have writing projects I want to begin scheduling in for the fall, but if I need to spend a lot of time editing PU, those projects are going to have to be delayed a bit. I do not write clean first drafts. I never have. Part of it is because I do a significant level of pantsing and therefore need to at least straighten out story continuity.

For me, this year is very much about sorting out workflow processes and PU is a big part of that. In many ways, I consider PU to be the reset button for my writing career. PU is not erotic in any way shape or form (at least I don’t think it is), but I am also not turning my back on my erotic stories. I love them! What PU is doing for me is allowing me to expand the types of stories I can tell. The lessons I learn from my non-erotic stories definitely help me in telling my erotic ones. I don’t know if I could have written Project Fibula as quickly as I did if I hadn’t already been in major writing mode from working on PU. PU is also allowing me to use Ann Aguirre’s advice on how to “train up” in being more productive. To me, Ann’s advice is total common sense. I’ve tried it before, but I tried to do it in a shorter time frame which didn’t work. When I first read this post–back when Ann first posted it–it was like a light bulb went off above my head. If you’re a writer who wants to increase your productivity, go read it now.

Anyway, PU continues apace, and I’m pleased with my progress. I’ll probably write up another progress report at the end of next month, but until then, you can always check out the sidebar where I list my total word count and percentage completed 🙂

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