Kelly Maher

Project Maxilla

When an idea comes to you as you are falling asleep, and it’s the first thing you think about when you wake up the next morning, you have to go with it. Usually, the ideas that come in that liminal time of awake and asleep slip away in the course of the night. Not so with the idea for Project Maxilla. It’s a strong idea and I know the story structure and the tone of the book already. Elsewhere, I’ve mentioned the feeling I have of it being all there in my mind, ready to be plucked whole and put into manuscript format. I so wish it could. It would make my life easier šŸ˜€

Project Maxilla is not replacing Project Ulna as my priority book for the next two months. PU is traditional linear storytelling prose. PM is going to be a novel made up of diary entries over the course of a year. PU is urban fantasy. PM will eventually have an erotic bent to it. I know how long I need for PU to be to fit into the publishing schema I think it will be best served by. I have no clue how long PM will be. It may run short, it may run long. At this point, I only know that, because it’s a series of diary entries, I can write it around PU.

I did give some brief thought of putting it up on the web as I wrote it, but I also have a deep feeling inside that PM is a project I can easily take to a number of potential publishing partners. I want to give it every chance I can, but I will also keep the possibility of alternate distribution open. Some may say considering distribution before I’ve even written it is putting the cart before the horse, but in today’s publishing climate, I think it’s a necessary step in project planning.

Anyway, I wanted to give you all a head’s up, and hope you’ll cheer me along as I balance multiple projects šŸ™‚

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