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I definitely blanked on writing today’s post the night before as I usually do. To make this new schedule work, I am forcing myself to be in bed, and preferably asleep, before 10:30 pm. For a natural night owl like myself, it’s taking some doing. However, when I get more sleep, I feel better when I’m at the day job. It is a bit weird to get home from the day job, do nothing but futz around and not feel bad about it because my work is completely done for the day.

Something I did do today was sort out a writing schedule for the next six months. Part of having more stories available for you to buy is writing them in the first place 🙂 After I finish Project Ulna, I’ll be working on Project Occipital, and after that is a new trilogy of contemporary erotic novellas. I started writing the first one last year, but set it aside in favor of finishing edits on Novel A. Project Occipital is intended for a specific market. Whether or not it gets picked up is beyond my power, but its status will be up in the air until I hear back from the decision makers. The as-yet-un-code-named trilogy is not for a specific place which means its status is also up in the air. I have ideas though. Many, many ideas 🙂

I’m going to be laying out specific goals for myself over the next few years. I have one big goal I’m working toward that has a fairly hard deadline of early July four years from now. Since that’s the case, I’m going to be using June 30th/July 1st as the end/start of my goal years. My goal for this year is to have at least one new story of novella-length (around 30,000 words or 120 pages) available for sale. I would prefer two 🙂 My second goal is to have completed five novellas and one novel–Project Ulna, and have at least half of a second novel written. The second novel would be Project Maxilla. If I can do this, my production level will be significantly higher than what I was shooting for even two months ago. However, to make that big goal I mentioned possible I need to aim high. I am aiming very high.

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