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The aforementioned “futzing around”

Last night I had another attack of “OMG!!! I AM NOT DOING ALL OF THE WRITING THINGS WHICH I SHOULD BE DOING!!!!” It’s always fun to have to sit yourself down and give yourself a talking to.

First, I do not want to burn out. I’ve done it before. It’s not pretty. It also does not make for a healthy writing career. Especially in today’s publishing industry. Second, rest and play make for a happy Kelly. Wednesday nights are usually my knitting nights, but my knitting buddy had other plans which she did invite me to join in on. However, due to some very wonky dreams and sleep patterns over the weekend, I haven’t been as well rested as I would have liked, so I bowed out. As Wednesday nights are not a usual time for me to be home, I’m not all that conversant as to what is on TV. After much surfing of the channels, I settled on a standby favorite: PBS. I’m a documentary nerd. Also, Poirot. Him and his little grey cells!

Related to everyday futzing around is an upcoming trip home to see the family. I’ll be gone for five days. Two of those days is the weekend which I now take off. No biggie. However, the other three days need to be sorted out as to production. From past experience, I know I can get 1000 words written on the plane. The length of the flight means there’s usually about 50 minutes of actual electronic usage. Since I’m taking the bus to the airport, I can also squeeze in some words using my phone. Maybe 300. Five hundred if I push it. Stupid virtual keyboard inhibiting my speedy typing skills. Which means I can take care of a good chunk of my required words while traveling on either end. However, what to do on that third day home? Well, I can give up some of my futzing around time this weekend and work ahead. Or I can just tell my family to buzz off for a couple of hours while I get my work done. Considering how I’m only going to be home for what is essentially a long weekend, I think I’ll shoot for the working ahead option. If I need to write while I’m at home, I will, but I’d prefer to spend that time with my family.

Since most of my time before my trip is going to be spent writing, anyone got suggestions on birthday presents for an almost-one-year-old?

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