Kelly Maher

Finish line in sight

When this posts, I will likely be out and about with my mom. Always a good thing. Yesterday, I crossed the 75,000 word mark in Project Ulna. According to my schedule I only needed to be at the 74K mark, but the extra thousand was build up from an extra few words here and there. I had intended to try and write ahead so I could maybe take tomorrow off from writing, but unless I get a major writing session in later today (not likely with my family), I’ll be spending the morning writing before my sister-in-law and nephews come up for a day of play.

I expect to finish the first draft by next weekend. This is, by far, the fastest I’ve ever written a full-length novel. I now know I *can* do it. Even if I never sell Project Ulna (and I’d very much like to one day), the knowledge and confidence in being able to run the marathon in a timely fashion so to speak is priceless. This is not to discount the necessity of edits. And, oh boy, does PU need edits. I have a plan in place. It’s different from my usual method. However, it feels right for the scope of PU as well as the way I’ve written it, which is also a bit different from my usual method. But back to the first draft or marathon. I’m nearly at the 22 mile mark and I’m running as fast as I can for that line.

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