Kelly Maher

Vacation brain

As expected, I got very little writing done while at home visiting my family. I’m a wee bit behind in where I hoped to be by this point, but enh. I did write while I was away, so it’s not like I’m completely in the hole. I’ll also spend this weekend finishing off whatever doesn’t get written this week, so there’s that. I’m also tentatively planning an extra hour of writing almost every night to ensure I’m done with the first draft by Sunday night as my brother and his family will be in town visiting next week.

I also wanted to highlight a rarely done story style a friend of mine wrote which released last week. Christine d’Abo’s Choose Your Shot is an erotic “choose your own adventure” novel. If you loved CYOAs as much as I did as a kid, I think you’ll enjoy this new story from Christine šŸ˜€

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