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Prioritizing life

One of the life skills I’m constantly relearning is how to balance what I choose to do with my life and not feel bad for the decisions I choose. This past long weekend was spent with my family. I chose to spend my time with them rather than making sure I got my daily word count. On my writing days I did spend some time writing, but I didn’t push to hit the goal. I felt bad that I didn’t push harder, but I then spent more time with my family who I have to fly to in order to see them for a long weekend. In the balance of the things, family is more important. Now, if I saw them on a more frequent basis, I could more easily say “hey, I’ve got to spend this time writing so I’ll meet up with you in a little bit.” The other thing is that every day is a new day. So I only hit half of my goal on Friday and Monday. First, I had built up a buffer of a thousand words. That took care of the “deficit” from Friday. Tuesday, I wrote almost an extra thousand words on top of the daily goal. Every day is a new day. If you missed your goal one day, shoot for making your goal the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that.

The other thing I realized last night is that more work needs to be done on Project Ulna than I currently have scheduled. I also need to give it more time to marinate. September is going to be crazy busy for me as every weekend is spoken for with events. In talking with a friend, I realized I needed to rearrange my writing schedule. Instead of spending September doing edits on Project Ulna, I’ll instead be working on the first draft, and hopefully edits, of Project Occipital. This is a project I’m itching to finish as I’ve got a very specific plan for it once it’s completed where I have ideas for Project Ulna, but I’m also cognizant that PU isn’t as “on market” as the other projects I have planned. I prioritized writing PU this summer because I wanted to get the ideas down as they’ve been knocking around in my mind for over two years now and I wanted to see if I could write the first draft of a novel in three months or less. Well, experiment *almost* accomplished! It’s time to focus on the more “on market” ideas and get to selling them. I’m in no way abandoning PU, but I first want to get PO written and then the trilogy of novellas. My goal is to have PO and at least the first novella out on submission by the first of the new year. When the new year starts, I’ll take a break from writing new things to see how PO and the trilogy do. I’ll use that time to edit PU and whip it into shape. This is definitely a luxury of not being on contract, and I’ll take it while I can get it 😀

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