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Reading and Goodreads

With the first draft of Project Ulna done, I decided to dive into my TBR pile during this break before starting up with Project Occipital. I’m focusing on finishing books I’ve started and then let fall by the wayside for whatever reason, but knew I wanted to go back to one day. The first of the completed books was Sarah Morgan’s An Invitation to Sin (A|K|BN|ARE). Alter ego got a complimentary copy of it from Sarah, and both of us are grateful she feeds our addiction to her stories! As a writer, I love how Sarah does a fantabulous job of showing her characters’ personalities. I make notes to myself of “THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!!” As a reader, I enjoy how both of her main characters are strong individuals and don’t angst longer than seems reasonable over their issues. Right now I’m working my way through Sinner’s Heart (A|K|BN|ARE), the last in Zoë Archer’s Hellraisers trilogy. Zoë’s another author who I admire for her character development skills. She also tells a hell of a great adventure tale.

With this increase in finished reads, I decided to put my dormant Goodreads account to use. Alter ego already uses LibraryThing for official recording of read books, but since I know a lot of you who read romance also use Goodreads, I figured I’d make an author profile there. I actually created my GR account back in 2007 according to my profile. I’ve been leery of GR in the past, partially because for the recording of what I read, LT made more sense to alter ego. The flare-ups of spats I’ve seen originating from GR also sent up red flags for me. For this reason, I’m going to restrict my presence there to updating my profile as appropriate and noting what books I’m reading. If I finish the books, I’ll give a rating. And since I tend to only finish books I like, the rating will probably range between three to five stars. So, if you’re interested in following me on GR, check out my profile.

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