Kelly Maher

Project Occipital

I decided to start dedicated work on Project Occipital even earlier than I’d planned. Part of this was due to my plotting out my writing schedule for it on a calendar. To put it politely, my September schedule is a bit insane. With the exception of Labor Day weekend, I’ve got a major event scheduled every weekend of the month. And even Labor Day weekend includes a birthday bash for two friends.

Since this is Labor Day weekend, I’ve decided that I’m going to burn through the first draft of PO as fast as I can. After taking a little over a week off of writing, I’ll be spending this last week of August slowly ramping back up my writing speed and am shooting for 1500 words each weekday and Saturday. Sunday, providing I don’t kill multitudes of brain cells at the birthday party, I’m shooting for 3000 words. Monday, that glorious day off of the day job, has a target word count of 4500. If I can work in an extra 500 words Monday through Saturday, I’ll take Sunday off of direct writing, but will spend the time detail plotting the rest of the story. That should put me at a total word count of 18,000, which means six days of writing at my regular daily goal of 2000 to hit the upper limit of story length for the market I’m targeting with this story. Taking the first full weekend of the month off (especially since that Saturday is the monthly WRW meeting) puts me at finishing on the 10th. This is perfect as I’ll be spending the weekend after that at my cousin’s wedding. I can then spend the week after the wedding editing PO and then send it out to a couple of beta readers. If they give it the thumbs up, I can have it out the door on submission before October 1st. Woot!

What things have you excited about these days?

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