Kelly Maher

Making time for yourself

Every night I’ve tried to get a little reading in. I’ve missed it too much, and that TBR mountain was getting a wee bit too high. I miss being able to spend hours upon hours reading, but even when I do have that kind of time, I feel like I need to be spending it doing something more productive. Then I remind myself that reading *is* productive. It provides for my mental health. It helps stir my creativity. It lets me see what the market is currently doing! I’m already a pretty quick reader, but I sometimes wish I could read faster. And then I’m glad I read at the speed I do so I can wallow in the story.

Another aspect of taking care of myself is ensuring I give myself the breaks I need to from writing. I’ve hit my stretch goal every day this week so far. I’ve been doing it by writing at least 1500 words in the morning before I go to work, and then working on what’s left to hit 2000 after work. I should easily be able to hit the stretch goal when I get home today, and then again tomorrow and Saturday. Which means, I can take Sunday off from writing. I know I’m going to need the break since my goal for Monday is to write 4500 words. I could just reduce my Monday goal, but I think the refreshment period of no writing on Sunday will be better for me.

What do you do to give yourself mental health breaks?

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