Kelly Maher


My September weekends are filled with travels both local and not-so-local. Next weekend I’m heading to New Hampshire for a family wedding. While there, my mom’s set up a day for her and me and one of my aunts to take a class at the kitchens of a favorite food brand of ours. My family is big on the experiences you can have while traveling. In my latest writing session, I drew inspiration from a family trip many years ago to Rocky Mountain National Park as well as day trip I made last fall. I adore traveling and am currently plotting a train trip up to Quebec for a long weekend. In addition to the planning of the trip and what to do while there, I’m also playing with ideas of how I can possibly use it in a story setting. Which means I could then write the trip off my taxes as research 😀 Obviously, more plotting is needed.

In the past, I’ve also made some trips based on what I read in novels–or places I knew were settings in unreleased, but upcoming novels. Have you ever traveled somewhere you read about in fiction? Where was it and what did you think about it?

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