Kelly Maher

Finding your tribe

At the WRW meeting this past weekend, I talked with some friends afterwards as we usually do. As this was our first meeting of the year, we had a number of new members join us. One of my friends said of a few of them, and this is paraphrased, “their faces lit up as they realized they’d found their tribe.” I know this feeling well. I can pinpoint almost every single time where I’ve had that realization. The power behind it helped give me a center. Grounded me. Made me feel understood.

I’m very close with my family, but few of them are readers of fiction, let alone heavy readers. Every time I made a friend who read a lot, and, even better, read romance, I wanted grab hold tight and never let them go. Both of my careers, the day one and the writing one, have grown out of my love of reading and story. Publishing people are my tribe. Librarians are my tribe. Authors are my tribe. READERS are my tribe. I thank you all for giving me a place where I feel welcomed and loved and cherished. I hope you have been able to find a tribe of your own, whether in person or online. If you haven’t, reach out. There are people who love what you love and want to share the joy of the experience with you.

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