Kelly Maher

Changing of the seasons

Here in DC, a Heat Advisory was triggered yesterday. I’m betting another one will go off at some point today. On the local news, the weatherman said there’d be a 50 degree difference between yesterday and Saturday evening. I know this is typical when we go from summer to fall, but oy. I’m going to a family wedding this weekend and the high for Saturday is supposed to be a couple degrees cooler from yesterday’s low the last time I looked. Why does the funky weather almost always happen on weekends and the really nice weather on weekdays when I have to be inside working at the day job? I truly do love fall and spring because I’m not a fan of hot weather. I get icky and sweaty way too easily. I just wish it would be a bit warmer for when I’m wearing a kicky dress and shoes this weekend. What’s your favorite kind of weather?

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