Kelly Maher

Book festivals

Alter ego is going to be at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC this weekend. It’s an interesting mix of current events, “highbrow” literature, children’s literature, and some genre fiction. From experience, I can tell you that the C-SPAN bags and the posters are probably the top draw for attendees. Next weekend is the Baltimore Book Festival. It’s got much more of a neighborhood fest feel to it. Probably due to the dedicated food area and bandstand 🙂 I went last year as an attendee and loved it. This year I’ll be going for all three days. One of the reasons I enjoyed BBF more than NBF as an attendee is that it spoke more to me as a genre reader than NBF did. Earlier this year, I participated at the Frederick Book Festival as a panelist. That was also fun in its own way as it was the inaugural year for them. I do plan on attending next year to see how they’ve grown. Have you ever attended a book fest? If so, what did you like and not like about it?

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