Kelly Maher

Sleepy Hollow

I think I’ve mentioned this here before, but I’m not usually one to watch “fiction” television. This season, I’m getting hooked into Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. The element which appeals to me the strongest is the sly sense of humor in it. It’s also got action, suspense, paranormal elements, and some romance. If the writers can continue with the alchemical magic they have brewing, I might find myself caught within its spiderweb. However, the key thing about it which I admire from a writer standpoint is the pacing. They pack a lot of story within their hour, but it never feels draggy or whiplashy. Both last week during the series premier and last night, I looked down at the clock expecting it to be not be past the half hour, but both times we were almost at the :50 minute mark. And there was still story left to tell! Kudos to the writers for a, so far, job well done. I will definitely be tuning in next week. Also, *major* thumbs up to the make up department! Anyone else notice how a certain character’s neck always looked saggy in an entirely appropriate manner?

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