Kelly Maher

Story management

The other night, as I was trying to fall asleep, another story idea hit me. It hit me hard. At one point I was grumbling to one character to shut up so I could sleep. I got up and made a voice memo about the story premise, and yesterday morning on the bus ride into work, I added the idea to my spreadsheet. Including Project Occipital, it’s number nine on the list. I’ve got the novella trilogy prioritized as my next projects, followed by the edits on Project Ulna while the trilogy is out on submission. After that, my schedule is up in the air. Mostly. There’s something alter ego has been brewing which may impact the writing schedule in the first half of next year.

I’m also working on career strategy. This new story idea would throw a huge spanner into the works when it comes to strategy. Why? Like Project Ulna, it’s really not a Kelly type of story. At this point, it’s solidly a historical mystery with paranormal elements and series potential. I’m very excited about it and I do plan on squeezing it in some time over the next year to get a jump on the freshness of it. I’ve already jotted down the start of the first scene because the first sentence wouldn’t leave me alone. Hell, I’m about ready to write up the story outline because I can see it so clearly. If certain things go as I hope, this story might get bopped up on the priority list.

The key thing is that I’ve stored the idea and given it a little breathing space in my head. Creativity is almost like a sourdough starter. Let it sit for a while and grow. If you’re lucky, and you cultivate it, you’ll have it supplying you with endless amounts of goodness. I just wish it would stop bitch-slapping me awake as I doze off into slumberland.

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