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Last night I was talking with friends about how good this television season has been with hooking me into shows. I really am not a big “fiction” TV watcher as my attention span for them is pretty terrible. When I do watch fiction TV, it has tended to be sitcoms. This season, I am *so* into Sleepy Hollow. To the point where I’ve contemplated fan fiction. Not only seeking it out, but writing it! The only time I’ve ever come close to fan fic was sophomore year of high school where I basically wrote a spec script for Quantum Leap for an English class assignment. I had no freaking clue what I was doing, though I am periodically tempted to explore the world of screenwriting once again.

What I find funny, considering what I write, is that I’m not tempted to write sexy times shipping at all. What I want to write is the bits that the show’s writers gloss over or don’t even bother to gloss over. Like in last week’s episode where Irving all of a sudden decides “Yeah, Abbie, it’s perfectly fine for you to do this thing that I had earlier told you ‘no way in Hell’.” How did Abbie convince him? Really, the way the writing is going makes me think the staff has novels written for each episode, not just each season 🙂

The other show that I’m *very* intrigued by is Almost Human, another FOX show. Frankly, I’m shocked that FOX is doing such a good job with offering up shows that intrigue me. What new shows have caught your interest this season?

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