Kelly Maher

Project Parietal

Over on the sidebar, you may notice a new work in progress: Project Parietal (PP). PP is a hot contemporary novella with basketball, Paris, and art. There’s a few other things in there, too, but those are the biggies. I’m almost a quarter way through it and I’m about ready to tear my hair out. The words flowed when I first started writing it, and then yesterday, I may as well have been pulling teeth. Part of it was needing to look up and confirm a lot of stuff I vaguely remembered from history and art classes over the years. Thanks be to deity-of-choice the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay have interactive floor maps. I give the edge to the Louvre.

By the time I finish Project Parietal, hopefully by the end of this month, I will have written the first draft of a novel, written and edited two novellas, written and edited a short story as me, written and edited and self-published three short stories as alter alter ego, and started first draft seeds for a couple of other projects since June 1st. All of that will add up to around 170,000 words. This is blowing my mind. Comparing my productivity this year to any other year is comparing apples to oranges. I know I’m the most excited I’ve ever been about writing. Even when it’s painful the way it was yesterday. One of these days I’ll do a write up of how I got myself to this point. Maybe for Thanksgiving 🙂

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