Kelly Maher

Holiday creep

As I was considering the myriad of topics which I could expound upon here, a commercial came on for a retail store advocating for you to do your Christmas shopping NOW! I have quite a few friends who are already done with their holiday shopping. I commend them for avoiding the holiday crowds. I’m one of those shoppers who only begins to vaguely think about shopping for Christmas gifts about now. I won’t really shop until about the second week of December. To me, that’s the perfect lull period between the Black Friday (and then some) frenzy and the “Oh God, Christmas is almost here!!!” scare shopping.

I love the holidays because it means time with my family. Goodwill seems to abound in the universe as the days grow shorter (in the northern hemisphere, at least) and approach the time of growing longer once again. In general, I consider it a happy time of year.

What I absolutely hate about the holidays is the notion that they need to start earlier and earlier every year. I don’t necessarily consider myself a purist, but I believe Christmas music should not be played on the radio until the day after Thanksgiving here in the States. A local station apparently started the day after Halloween. This year, a number of stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day. Not only in the evening (which is bad enough), but a few in the morning! I’m making a long list of stores I will not patronize for this reason. I love Christmas, but I don’t want to be sick of it weeks before the actual date!

Everyone celebrates in their own way, and more power to you! I’ll just be over here in the corner focusing on turkey and stuffing and remembering very young family members begin singing a toddler version of “Happy Birthday” as we lighted the table candles that one year because they had just learned to associate the lighting of candles with singing the song and then blowing out the flames. Happy times.

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