Kelly Maher

A period of rest…kind of

This week is a down week for me since I finished the first draft of Project Parietal last week. I spent the weekend doing errand type stuff while enjoying driving around the area. Last night, I wallowed in the loveliness of Fox’s Monday night lineup. Seriously, if you’re not watching Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow, you need to give them a chance. They both have sharp senses of humor. Alter alter ego is taking the lead week on the writing front as she works on putting together the finishing touches for her release this month.

All of these little things, even the work that alter alter ego is doing, helps give me needed distance from Project Parietal. When I go back to it this weekend, I’ll be able to look on it with a fresh eye and dissect it. One of the things I need to sort out about it is where to place the chapter breaks. I experimented with writing a story straight through when I worked on Project Ulna. However, I did include a number of chapter breaks before I switched to the “free flow” style. I think PP is the longest work I’ve done with no chapter breaks. I do have breaks for switches between points of view, but that’s it. What this means is I need to discern the pacing of the story to figure out where to put those breaks. It’s a challenge I’m looking forward to tackling. My goal for PP is to get it to my beta readers before Thanksgiving so I can get it back, edit it again with their input and send it out before Christmas. I know, due to the holidays, it will be awhile before I can expect to hear back. It will be nice to have it out of my hands as I spend time with my family, though 🙂

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